Our Niche is High Quality, Low Volume, Specialty Metals

Founded in 1961, Mead Metals began operations in North Minneapolis supplying brass, steel, and other metals to defense contractors, fabricators, and stamping companies. Later, the company realized it was better positioned to provide small quantities of specialty, rare, and exotic metals to manufacturers who were underserved by large metal distributors.

Mead Metals grew by offering a wide variety of specialty metals and expanding its capabilities for slitting and cutting coils, edge rolling, shearing, and other processing needs. In 1976, the company moved to its current location, which provided much needed space for metal processing equipment and inventory.

In 1983, we added beryllium copper to our growing inventory, and are now the nation’s third largest distributor of the specialty metal.

Jon Holt purchased Mead Metals in 1993. Jon got his start in metal fabrication working with Alcoa, Inc. He chose Mead Metals because it was like a store where fabricators could shop for metals in small quantities and control their inventories.

Mead Metals became ISO 9000 certified in 1998, which was a key factor in expanding the company’s national and international customer base. As a result, the company doubled its facilities in 1999.

In 2008, adding a leveling line to shorten processing and delivery time further expanded our capabilities. Besides cut-to-length services, we started offering narrow width slitting, de-cambering, gauge correction, and temper re-rolling.

In the years ahead, we hope to further expand our inventory and our processing capabilities. After all, this is what allows us to meet the specialized needs of our customer base. Count on Mead Metals to deliver the right quantity at the right time. The right price. Every time.

“They’re not just there to sell metal. They make sure what they sell is best suited to what you need.”
- Mead Metals customer and head of a major engineering company.
Mead Metals Technicians
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