Cold rolled steel is a low-carbon steel that is finished at room temperature. Due to its processing, cold rolled steel sheets are typically more durable than hot rolled steel, and have a better-looking finish which makes it a prime metal for applications such as automotive and appliances, where finish matters in both form and function.


Product Specification

A109 Cold Rolled Strip Steel Product Specifications

Mead Metals stocks ASTM A109 cold rolled strip steel in tempers 1 lb (full hard) through 5 lbs (dead soft). ASTM A109 strip steel offers tighter thickness tolerances than ASTM A1008 steel. It is highly formable, depending on temper, and is useful in a wide range of applications.

A109 Cold Rolled Strip Steel

Cold Rolled Strip Steel Physical Properties
Temper Bend Test Requirement
No. 1 Hard  Not required to make bends in any direction
No. 2 Half-Hard  Bend 90 degrees transverse around a radius equal to that of the thickness.
 No. 3 Quarter-Hard  Bend 180 degrees transverse over one thickness of the strip and 90 degrees longitudinal around a radius equal to the thickness.
 No. 4 Commerical Quality  Bend flat upon itself in any direction.
No. 5 Dead-Soft  Bend flat upon itself in any direction.

Cold Rolled Strip Steel Physical Properties
 Temper  Thickness Rockwell Hardness 
   Range Minimum  Maximum (approx) 
 No. 1 - Hard     0.025  15T90  ****
   0.040 - 0.025  30T76  ****
   0.070 - 0.040  B90.0  ****
   0.300 - 0.07  B84.0  ****
 No. 2 Half-Hard    0.025  15T83.5  15T88.5
   0.040 - 0.025  30T63.5  30T73.5
   0.300 - 0.040  B70.0  B85
 No. 3 Quarter-Hard    0.025  15T80  15T85
   0.040 - 0.025  30T56.5  30T67
   0.300 - 0.040  B60  B75
 No. 4 Skin-Rolled 0.025  *** 15T82
  0.040  *** 30T60
  0.300  *** B65
 No. 5  Dead-Soft    0.025  ***  15T78.5
   0.040 - 0.025  ***  30T53
   0.300 - 0.040  ***  B55
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Minimum Order Quantities

Our Minimum Order Quantities enable us to suit metal product orders of all sizes. Every metal product we provide has its own MOQ, and for A109 cold rolled strip steel, our MOQ is 30-60 lbs. While we can, and will, support orders for quantities smaller than this, the minimum lot charge will remain the same for any quantities ordered at, or below, a metal’s MOQ. Additional variables apply depending on material thickness, width, and additional processing.

Production Process


Steel is hot rolled to reach ideal malleability in order to increase its functionality & intended use


Steel is pickled to remove surface impurities—like rust & scale to restore ideal corrosion-resistant properties


Steel is cold rolled & finished at room temperature for optimal finish and durability



  • Available in tight tolerances
  • Lightweight
  • Provides surface uniformity
  • Works well for products that will be chrome- or nickel-plated
  • Typically more durable than hot rolled steel
  • Has one of the best looking finishes


  • More expensive than commercial-quality cold rolled steel
  • More expensive than hot rolled steel
  • Certain coatings may highlight surface defects
  • Appearances can vary from heat to heat
  • Due to its finish and functionality, typically best used where dimensional tolerances and surface finish are major factors
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The automotive industry has some of the highest standards when it comes to the parts and components involved in manufacturing. Keeping motorists safe requires sourcing steel from companies that adhere to the strictest compliance. We provide cold rolled steel for the automotive industry used in frames, parts, cabs, mufflers and pipes, and sub-flooring.



Both commercial and residential appliances including ovens and ranges, refrigerators, microwaves, washers and dryers, and associated replacement parts require stainless steel components for optimal performance and longevity. We partner with appliance manufacturers to provide the stock material and specialized steel products required for the best products.



Steel is the backbone of many great products produced by manufacturers in the commercial, industrial, and miscellaneous manufacturing sectors. From frames and parts to high-strength plates, HVAC components, and containers of varying applications, Mead Metals keeps manufacturing customers moving. 


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Mead Metals stocks A109 cold rolled steel sheets in a wide range of gauge and tempering, from .005-inch to .1345-inch variances and strip steel in tempers 1 lb (full hard) through 5 lbs (dead soft). ASTM A109 strip steel offers tighter thickness tolerances than ASTM A1008 steel. It is highly formable, depending on temper, and is useful in a wide range of applications.

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