A109 Cold Rolled Strip Steel Product Specifications

We stock ASTM A109 cold rolled strip steel in tempers #1(full hard) through #5 (dead soft). ASTM A109 strip steel offers tighter thickness tolerances than ASTM A1008 steel. It is highly formable, depending on temper, and is useful in a wide range of applications.

Minimum Order Quantity Policy

Our Minimum Order Quantity policy enables us to suit metal product orders of all sizes. Every metal product we provide has its own MOQ, and for A109 cold rolled strip steel, our MOQ is 30-60#. While we can and will support orders for quantities smaller than this, the minimum lot charge will remain the same for any quantities ordered at or below a metal’s MOQ. Additional variables apply depending on material thickness, width, and additional processing.

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ASTM A109 Cold Rolled Strip Steel
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Production Process

  • Steel is hot rolled
  • Steel is pickled to remove surface impurities
  • Steel is cold rolled
  • What Can a Metal Slitting Machine Do?

    A109 cold rolled strip steel—along with the other metal products carried by Mead Metals—is processed by a metal slitter. We have multiple slitting machines, and we use them to obtain specific tolerances for customer orders.


    Available in tight tolerances
    Provides surface uniformity
    Works well for products that will be chrome- or nickel-plated


    More expensive than commercial-quality cold rolled steel
    Certain coatings may highlight surface defects
    Appearances can vary from heat to heat

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