Tempered Spring Steel Product Specifications

We supply 1075 scaleless blue tempered spring steel. It is softer than 1095, and it has medium carbon content and a polished finish. It can be used for a variety of applications, including lower carbon applications where a polished surface is not required.

Our 1095 scaleless blue tempered spring steel is harder than 1075, but it is not as easily formable. It features a higher carbon content and a polished finish. AISI 1095 tempered spring steel is ideal for a number of uses, and one of its common uses is in springs and steel tapes.

Tempered Spring Steel Secondary Services

Mead Metals’ tempered spring steel is available in a range of sizes, and thickness from .005 to .062. We stock quantities to meet the requirements of any project, large or small. We can perform a number of secondary services including:

  • Precision slitting
  • Edge rolling
  • Cutting-to-length
  • Shearing

We do offer other valuable processes with our tempered spring steel. If you need something that’s not listed here, contact us.

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