Tempered spring steel, both 1075 and 1095 make excellent carbon steel shims as well. A shim is a thin and sometimes tapered or wedged piece of metal, used to fill small gaps or spaces between objects. Shims are typically used to support or provide a level surface. They're also used as spacers to fill gaps between parts that can be subject to wear and tear, or damaged, if not properly installed.


Mead Metals’ tempered spring steel is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses from .005 to .062. We stock quantities to meet the requirements of any project, large or small. We can perform a number of value-add services including:

  • Precision slitting
  • Edge-conditioning
  • Cutting-to-length
  • Shearing

Product Specification


Our tempered spring steel, commonly referred to as high carbon steel, meets ASTM A684 specifications and is useful for a number of applications.

We supply 1075 scaleless blue tempered spring steel. It is softer than 1095, and it has medium carbon content and a polished finish. It can be used for a variety of applications, including lower carbon where a polished surface is not required.

Our 1095 scaleless blue tempered spring steel is harder than 1075, but it is not as easily formable. It features a higher carbon content and a polished finish. AISI 1095 tempered spring steel is ideal for a number of uses, including use in springs and steel tapes.

Tempered Spring Steel
Physical & Chemical Properties

Tempered Spring Steel Chemical Specifications
Alloy Blue Tempered and Polish Scaleless Blue Tempered
UNS Number G10950 G10750
Specs ASTM A684 ASTM A684
Rockwell C48-51 C44-47
Chemical Composition    
 Carbon .90 - 1.04 .70 - .80
Maganese .30 - .50 .50 - .70
Phosphorus (max) 0.035 0.035
Sulfer (max) 0.04 0.04
Silicon .15 - .30 .15 - .30
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Our Minimum Order Quantities enable us to suit metal product orders of all sizes. Every metal product we provide has its own MOQ, and for tempered spring steel, our MOQ is 10-12 lbs. While we can, and will, support orders for quantities smaller than this, the minimum lot charge will remain the same for any quantities ordered at, or below, a metal’s MOQ. Additional variables apply depending on material thickness, width, and additional processing.

Production Process


Material is heated below its recrystallization temperature


The heating process increases hardness without sacrificing flexibility


The steel is cooled in still air


The cooling process improves material toughness



  • Very high yield strength
  • Resistant to deformation
  • Takes on a blueing color
  • Resilient


  • Very hard
  • Takes on a blueing color
  • Imported, making it subject to tariffs and trade uncertainty

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Industrial Manufacturing

As a general use steel, spring steel has a wide range of commercial applications. It is a common material used for manufacturing objects like springs, washers, saw blades, lock picks, antennas, and scrapers.

It's also commonly used to create lawnmower parts, the landing gear of small aircrafts, and vehicle coil springs. 


Hand Tools

More surprising uses for spring steel include hand tools like lock picks, knives, and even binder clips. Miscellaneous spring steel use can be found in the aerospace sector in antennas and aircraft landing gear. Any time you need a workable material but can't afford to sacrifice durability, you can probably assume that the manufacturer is using spring steel. 



This type of metal is used in music wire which is most commonly found in pianos. Musicians use spring steel in pianos because piano wire needs to be pulled extremely tight, but still holds up when the hammer of the keys is pounding on it. Because of its pliability and strength, it's been used in pianos for centuries.


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Stock Items

Looking for Stock Tempered Spring Steel?

 We keep 1075 and 1095 scaleless blue tempered spring steel available in thicknesses from 0.005 to 0.062, in commercial quality through full-hard tempers.

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