Brass Product Specifications

We stock ASTM B36 brass, which offers the highest ductility of any yellow brass product. It is highly resistant to weathering, and is ideal for use in corrosive environments.

We inventory alloy 260 brass sheets and other brass products in thickness from 0.005 to 0.187, and in annealed, quarter hard, half hard and full hard tempers. Other tempers and alloys are available as well.

Brass VALUE-ADD Services

In addition to being brass suppliers, Mead Metals can also perform a number of secondary processes to add value to your product. Brass sheets and other brass products can be:

  • Edge rolled
  • Precision slit
  • Sheared
  • Cut-to-length

Our value-added services are performed in-house, saving you time and money when your materials arrive in a state that matches your design needs.

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