Cold Rolled 1008/1010 Steel Product Specifications

Mead Metals Inc. carries cold rolled steel per ASTM A1008 and AISI 1008/1010 grades. We offer ranges of sizes and quantities to fit your project’s needs. We accommodate both high- and low-volume cold rolled steel orders.

Our cold rolled steel is ideal for use in home appliances and furniture, automotive bodies, and a number of other applications. 1008 cold rolled steel and 1010 cold rolled steel are easily formable for moderate draw applications. It is available in thicknesses from 0.005 to 0.134, in drawing quality up through full hard tempers. Upon customer request, we offer tighter thickness tolerances and non-standard thicknesses.

Cold Rolled 1008/1010 Steel Value-Add Services

As an added value to your 1008 cold rolled steel and 1010 cold rolled steel order, we offer numerous services. We will:

  • Precision slit from 0.250” to 48.000”
  • Edge-roll
  • Cut-to-length
  • Shear

Minimum Order Quantity Policy 

Our Minimum Order Quantity policy enables us to suit metal product orders of all sizes. Every metal product we provide has its own MOQ, and for cold rolled 1008/1010 steel, our MOQ is 30-60#. While we can and will support orders for quantities smaller than this, the minimum lot charge will remain the same for any quantities ordered at or below a metal’s MOQ. Additional variables apply depending on material thickness, width, and additional processing.

Mead Metals Cold Rolled Steel
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Production Process

  • Steel comes from either an integrated mill where raw materials are melted to make the steel, or mini-mills where scrap metals are primarily used
  • During processing, steel is first hot-rolled
  • Then, the steel is cold-rolled
  • What Are Mead Metals’ Minimum Order Requirements?

    We work with customers who need a wide variety of material quantities. Sometimes someone will need a few sheets of material, and other times, they’ll need three truckloads. In this video, Mead Metals Director of Sales Brian Rothstein breaks down our approach to smaller quantity orders.


    Maintains tighter tolerances
    Cleaner surface compared to hot-rolled
    100% recyclable


    Not ideal for plating applications
    Susceptible to oxidation

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    Domestic Appliances

    On-Time Percentage 99.98%


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