Annealed Spring Steel Product Specifications

Annealed spring steel can be utilized in any number of applications, making it an exceptional general use steel. Our annealed spring steel is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.010 to 0.187.


Commonly Stocked Annealed Spring Steel

AISI 1050

Our AISI 1050 annealed spring steel is the most cost-effective option. It can be heat treated for additional hardness and is easily formed. Out of our available spring steels, AISI 1050 has the lowest carbon content.

AISI 1074 and 1075 Spring Steel

We offer both AISI 1074 and AISI 1075 annealed spring steel. Our 1074/1075 spring steel is spheroidized for greater formability and features medium carbon content.

AISI 1095 Spring Steel  

Mead Metals’ AISI 1095 delivers the greatest fatigue values and elasticity of any of our available annealed spring steels. AISI 1095 offers the best quality of all our annealed spring steels and features the highest carbon content.

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Anneal Spring Steel Value-Add Services

We provide the following services prior to shipment, allowing your product to be delivered in the form your project requires:

  • Precision slit
  • Edge-roll
  • Cut-to-length
  • Shear


Minimum Order Quantity Policy

Our Minimum Order Quantity policy enables us to suit metal product orders of all sizes. Every metal product we provide has its own MOQ, and for annealed spring steel, our MOQ is 30-60#. While we can and will support orders for quantities smaller than this, the minimum lot charge will remain the same for any quantities ordered at or below a metal’s MOQ. Additional variables apply, depending on material thickness, width, and additional processing.

Annealed Spring Steel
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Production Process

  • Steel is heated to its ideal temperature
  • Ideal temperature is maintained for a predetermined amount of time
  • The material is cooled slowly
  • The annealing process reduces material hardness and increases electrical conductivity
  • What Value-Add Services Does Mead Metals Offer?

    Here at Mead Metals, our in-house processing capabilities enable us to cut, slit, de-burr, and machine metal products according to customer specification. Take a look at our capabilities in this video.


    Easily formable
    Resistant to cracking
    Often largely available in the marketplace


    Appearance can vary from a hot-rolled to cold-rolled look

    The annealing process may result in differing levels of spheroidization, which may impact the uniformity of drawing or bending applications

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