All You Need to Know About Steel Alloys

Posted by: Dani Weinhandl on March 25, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered what the most commonly used metal in the world is, you might be surprised (or unsurprised for that matter) to find out that it’s steel. Steel is strong and widely used. Many objects that you and I interact with on a regular basis are made of steel. Yet, with its popularity and applicability, many people are relatively unaware of steel’s various properties, intricacies, and uses. If that rings true for you, you'll likely find some interesting information in this post.  

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Steel: Quality is Our Priority

Posted by: Chris Schwartz on March 19, 2018

Many variables go into the quality of metal material. Anything from mill marks, scratches, and laminations to waves, twists, and burrs can affect the appearance and machinability of metals. Not to mention, what you see on the outside of a coil isn’t necessarily going to be what you find in the middle. When it comes to ensuring the quality of our steel – and all of our metal materials – we go beyond the basics. Here’s our process :

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A109 Cold Rolled Strip Steel vs. Cold Rolled 1008/1010 Steel

Posted by: Dani Weinhandl on January 9, 2018

A109 cold-rolled strip steel and cold-rolled 1008/1010 steel are used for many of the same products. You'll find home appliances, construction materials, and automotive components made from either of these steels. Although many of the products and components overlap, determining which is best for your project can be quite simple.

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Common Uses for Cold Rolled Strip Steel

Posted by: Dani Weinhandl on October 16, 2017

Cold rolled strip steel, oftentimes shortened to strip steel or cold rolled strip, is a metal product commonly used for numerous applications in many areas of industry. Today, I'll cover some of the unique properties of this steel product, along with a few of its most common applications. 

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Common Uses for Cold Rolled Steel

Posted by: Dani Weinhandl on September 6, 2017

Steel, a variant of iron with carbon added, often has other elements added to it in order to prepare it for processing and industrial use. Cold rolling, a popular process which prepares steel for use, results in a product called Cold Rolled Steel.

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